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Sunset over Poppy Field


Over recent years we have come to  realise there has never been more emphasis on Health & Fitness than right now.  Even though some of us kicked up a gear during lockdowns, the majority had neither the outlet, the venue or the motivation to carry on.  The world has changed, our outlook on our own health has changed ...THIS IS THE CROSSROADS  where YOU DECIDE to make a difference.  ...How many times have you said "When we are out of lockdown" HERE YOU ARE......WHAT WILL YOU DO?.... Nothing, something or EVERYTHING?.. To be better, fitter, strong minded and motivated??

Exercise itself is important, we all know that, but what are the benefits of exercising outside? Is it possible one could receive additional benefits simply by taking it outside?


Evidence seems to support the fact that outdoor activity kicks in some additional benefits when it comes to exercise. Research shows that exercising outdoors can actually increase the benefits you derive from activity.  According to a study at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, there are tons of health benefits of exercising outside. Dr. Michael Depledge, senior author on the study, explains, “Our research, which brings together data from a wide variety of sources, adds significant weight to the case for spending more time in the natural environment as members of the public and their clinicians fight to counteract the negative outcomes of modern living, such as obesity and depression.”

I am sure you have noticed the increase in people taking their exercise outdoors during the 'Lock-down' - you may even be one of why not build on this new found love of the outdoors and have a structured, results focused program that REALLY improves you health and fitness?!?!...

BOOK your outdoor training session TODAY & avoid any further delay to what is proven to make you feel good.

"Sky above me, Earth below me - FIRE within me!!!"

Wheat Field

"I had no idea how much I would get from training outside.  I can't wait a week anymore, I train with Andy now twice a week. I get to feel the elements, improve my health and my state of mind.  I wish I had of done this sooner.  I would recommend Andy any day of the week, his positivity & encouragement is immeasurable" 

Daisy - May 2020



Outdoor training  provides mental relief. “Many people feel a lot of tension about working out, losing weight and lowering their blood pressure, Outdoor exercise is enjoyable and feels more like play than a chore. And naturally everyone pushes themselves harder when they are in a group than maybe they would on their own in a gym, boosting extra results in the same time frame."


THE SMELL OF CUT GRASS OR BEATING A HILL ON A HOT DAY. A great number of my clients are choosing to train outside whatever the weather not just the Bootcampers but the individuals I coach 121.  Some say its the fresh air, some say they like the challenge of the same hill or a run to a particular tree, generally things they cannot easily replicate in the confines of a gym.  And while we are still in uncertain times due to Covid-19,  no doubt there is extra comfort from being in the great outdoors.    



All of the group training sessions are scaled up or down depending on fitness levels, ability or mobility.  What is fantastic is to observe the team pulling together and offering encouragement.  I see the euphoria on my clients faces when they have given their all,  nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing all the individual acomplishements.



Andy Little

andy photo-crop-u2884.png

Andy's infectious enthusiasm will have you pushing past every limit you have ever thought you had. His mantra in life is to give people the skills and motivation they need to become the best they can be.

  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

  • American college of Sport Medicine Fitness & Nutrition Coach

  • Master Trainer certified by EIF

  • Life coach

  • REPs Registered Exercise Professional

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Leighton Rugby Club  An great central location with a lit carpark and space to spread out.


Wrights Meadow, Leighton Road, Leighton Buzzard LU7 9HR

What to bring: 

Plenty of water & a towel

Time to arrive:

Please arrive 15 mins prior to your booked timings

Trainer: Andy





Edlesborough Green  A beautiful village green where the whole community can enjoy fitness!


The pavilion, 23 The Green, Edlesborough LU6 2JF

What to bring: 

Plenty of water & a towel

Time to arrive:

Please arrive 15 mins prior to your booked timings

Trainer: Andy

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