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is not a training programme;

it is a mindset


Andy is here to help you take control of your life, achieve your goals and improve your mental and physical health. Over the years Andy has changed the lives of hundreds of clients, all with different stories, different priorities and requiring a different approach. Using his extensive wealth of knowledge, Andy is able to identify the best, most sustainable ways for people to improve their lives through exercise, nutrition and life coaching.



Registered REPs qualified trainer

Advanced diploma Personal Training

American College of Sports Medicine Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Advanced diploma of Personal Training

First Aid qualified 

Fully insured



Diabetes type 2 reversal - Increased running performance - competition  prep - Post partum - Hormone balance - Post surgery recovery.  Strength training - Rapid Fat Loss* - Postural alignment - Teenage sports performance programmes covering triathlons, pentathlon's, rugby, football & rowing.

*Rapid Fat loss clients need to meet specific criteria in advance via a consultation 







Why 121?......
121 coaching is the most effective way of getting & keeping results.  It is rare to be able to substitute a generic programme of diet and fitness and achieve long term results for a client.....Why? Everyone has different needs, different constraints, different starting points  and different circumstances.  To get real results you need your trainer to be truly engaged with you, anyone that knows me, will testify that you can get top level results with minimal equipment.   So many people spend money on various classes both online & in gyms spending  £100's of pounds monthly,  only to be disillusioned or disheartened by the results.
Sometimes it is not the workout that needs changing its the habits, or the accountability, this cannot be achieved without the investment of a personal trainer &  nutrition advisor working with you.  I have several personal training options.  Take the first step today & book in for your consultation, you will never feel obligated,  My 121 training is only offered if we agree it is  the best way forward - All of which will be established in your consultation.



Why Hybrid?.........
What is Hybrid Training?  Simply put, it is a compromise of reduced 121 coaching supplemented with App based coaching accountability.   Some clients prefer this due to time or financial constraints.  There is no doubt that great results can be achieved through this combination.  We will agree a regular slot for 121 coaching (minimum monthly) and this will be complimented &    reinforced through use of your App personalised to your programme.   During your 121 sessions we will do a number of things,  from measuring fat loss, to a check on your exercise form - as well as topping up your motivation & focus.  The session also gives us a chance to discuss habits,  nutrition and often a conversation about life and how things are helping or hindering training.  This catch up I consider a safety net..... a safe space that is outcome based & prevents my clients from falling away from good training, habits and nutrition.  It's a place where you can be you and address how you feel and your results.   For people who are too busy for weekly 121's & are confident in their own discipline  this is the programme for you.




Why App Based?........
A growing number of clients prefer App based training.  There are a large number of On-line Apps however the majority are generic, with generic workouts,  generic motivational messages & unchecked adherence.  Time and time again these programmes fail to go the distance, because you are just a number.  To me you are a client and that is why my videos, programmes, habit tracking and motivational messages and calls will always be about YOU and YOUR journey.  Your programmes are built around YOUR abilities and YOUR goals.  This is the most flexible and affordable way to have my training expertise at your disposal.  The App also integrates with "My Fitness Pal" which is very beneficial to clients who want to measure diet along with workouts.   The App will also assist you with changing habits and being accountable.  In addition I am always on hand within the App for extra motivation, praise and encouragement   For only £24.99 month currently this App will offer you more bespoke training than any other product on the market.  My clients never cease to amaze me with their progress.



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