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"I never even considered I would be in a position to take part in a Spartan race but Andy assured me my body was capable I just needed to tell it what to do.  I was so excited to finish my first sprint I signed up again for 2 more Spartan events! 

Faster Fitter Leaner Stronger was designed for people of all ages and abilities who are looking for a new chapter or outlook.  Over the years I have helped individuals of all ages some with some with physical limitations, and at times physiological.  I have to say nothing and I mean NOTHING gives me more satisfaction than helping individuals find their upper limits. 


One of my own personal interests in recent times has been OCR Racing (obstacle course racing) in particular SPARTAN. Only one other community of people are as friendly and that is the  Crossfit, my general stance on fitness is exactly what is say on the can... FASTER FITTER LEARNER STRONGER, which lends itself to being all round better at most things, rather than focusing on one key area, you will hear me refer to "building an engine" particularly my 121 clients understand all too well what having an engine means to them after training with me for a few weeks.

My own style of preferred training style  is a perfect blend of Crossfit techniques, along with Spartan skills and attitude and a big splash of "Andy" which come from years of research and testing of varied training techniques.

There was always an inevitably that Spartan training would bleed into the training I practice & gain the attention of my clients.  As my clients have seen the medals stack up on the gym wall, they have become very inquisitive and have asked me to train them so they can also take part in a Spartan race.., Although the 2020 Spartan season has not started yet over 20 clients have joined the FFLS Spartan Team and are already booked om the Spartan Sprint, Beast or Super!....2 clients based on 2019 area already qualified for the UK Work Championships in Sparta Greece 2020.  The "Spartan Engine Training" has come from nowhere and become a "Thing"  It is fair to say this style of training has been infectious and although my personal training slots are now fully booked I have taken the time to put all of the required training into key programmes that can be streamed to your online app where I will get you ready for Sparta whatever stage you are at!  Some of my clients have completed Trifectas, some have spent time working towards the first rung on the Spartan ladder which is the Spartan Sprint! 


The soul purpose of the training plans provided is to "get you there" we are all guilty of spending a lot of time on the things we are good at or enjoy, and just because you may be a strong runner, you may not of worked on the muscles that help you to pull or push, you may not of had to go beyond your perceived limits and therefore have not developed the mental agility required for this kind of race.  One major point about Spartan is "Burpees"... Most people encounter "burpee penalties" but the quicker you build core and shoulder strength the quicker you can get these little nasty s cracked out out.  This is why the packaged will prepare you for so much of what you will encounter on the course.


atlas carry.jpg


You will need to use your whole body, which means building strong forearms, improving grip, getting into a deep squat and utilising back and core strength to pick up the ball and hold tight to our body.  Stage 1 contains all of the foundation excercises to build the necessary muscles for this hold and carry.

Buy 12 weeks - Stage 1 Plan NOW
grip strength.JPG


People tend to fear this the most, but with a few weeks of negative reps and some grip advice you will soon be able to hang tight for up to two mins, the rest is easier once we train your muscles to hold out for longer.  This can be made very simple with some basic broken down exercises.  My guide to build the muscle capacity so this feels simpler is defined in the Stage 1 plan! 

Buy 12 weeks - Stage 1 Plan NOW

Paulden became a Spartan 

Andy  became a Spartan 

John became a Spartan 

Karen became a Spartan 

Martin  became a Spartan 

Steve became a Spartan  

What is a Sprint

Having visited Dubai time and time again over the past 10 years, we have found the perfect hotel to use as our base.

With amazing views across Dubai, a roof top pool for you to enjoy during your down time and an amazing gym just down the road, we are sure you will not be disappointed!

What is a Super 

Before the retreat we will speak to each attendee to establish what their goals are and give them the knowledge on how to achieve them.

This will be used and reiterated throughout the retreat to help you develop new skills and habits to get you to where you want to be!

What is a Beast

Not only will you see  both mental and physical progress over the period of the retreat but you will come away with the tools you need to be able to continue your health and wellness journey. 

You will leave feeling re-energised and inspired with a new outlook on training and nutrition.

Daily Habits 

With years of training on a 1-2-1 basis as well as group PT and running groups and classes, Andy knows exactly how to set out group training sessions that help all members work towards their individual goals.

We will set you on the right path to achieving your fitness goals.

Home & Gym Work

There will be plenty of down-time for you to disconnect from the busyness of day to day life.

Whether that is relaxing on the roof, taking a dip in the pool or having some fun down at one of the incredible beaches, we will make sure you are fully relaxed throughout your stay!

Running Schedule

We will be sad to see you go after an incredible journey together but don't worry, we will stay in touch!

If you wish to continue your fitness journey with Andy, you can sign up to his app for access to loads of pre-made packages or carry on with 1-2-1 online coaching tailored to you and your goals



Andy Little

Andy's infectious enthusiasm will have you pushing past every limit you have ever thought you had. His mantra in life is to give people the skills and motivation they need to become the best they can be.

  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

  • American college of Sport Medicine Fitness & Nutrition Coach

  • Master Trainer certified by EIF

  • Life coach

  • REPs Registered Exercise Professional

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