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What is Three-Way Handicap Betting? Things to Know About Handicap Betting

Three-way handicap betting is one of the most popular types of bets recently. It's a type of handicap betting in football betting that has gained significant attention. This type of bet forms from the traditional handicap betting. In this type of bet, the handicap odds will be the number of goals handicap. This means the number of additional goals between the home team and the away team will be 1, 2, 3 goals, and so on. Instead of the familiar handicap odds like 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 goals as in traditional handicap betting. Let's explore verified soccer tips more about this type of handicap bet with reputable bookmakers.

Characteristics of Three-Way Handicap Betting

Unlike two-way handicap bets where there are only two options - over and under, and only one team is handicapped while the other receives the handicap, three-way handicap betting has three options: over, under, and draw.

The difference lies in the handicap odds in three-way handicap betting. It can be 1 goal, 2 goals, or 3 goals, rather than fractions like 0.5 or 1.5 goals, as is common. This integer handicap often leads to a relatively high winning rate.

The rules of three-way handicap betting are also divided into several types such as first-half handicap betting, second-half handicap betting, or full-time handicap betting.

Types of Three-Way Handicap Betting

Similar to Asian Handicap betting, three-way handicap betting is divided into three types: first half, second half, and full-time handicap betting.

In first-half handicap betting, the outcome is based on the result of the first half, which is the first 40 minutes, with three possible outcomes: win, draw, or lose.

For second-half handicap betting, it's similar, but the outcome is based on the result of the second half.

In full-time handicap betting, the outcome is based on the combined score of both the first and second halves when the 90 minutes of play ends, with three possible outcomes: win, draw, or lose.

For example: In a football match between Japan and South Korea, if you bet 100,000 VND on South Korea with a 2-goal handicap. You can determine the outcome as follows:

Let A be the number of goals scored by Japan and B be the number of goals scored by South Korea.

A - B = 2: You'll get your bet back if the match ends in a draw.

A - B < 2: South Korea wins, so you lose this bet and lose your wager.

A - B > 2: Japan wins, and you'll receive your initial stake along with winnings.

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Before diving into sports betting and choosing odds, it's essential to research to select the right bookmaker to safeguard your finances while playing handicap bets.

It's also advisable to pick matches where there's a clear discrepancy between the two teams. Standard odds range from moderate to high, allowing you to make decent profits even with minimal stakes. Additionally, it's crucial not to solely focus on 3-way handicap bets; diversify and explore various types of bets to suit the nature of each game. For this particular type of handicap bet, it's advisable to cover all three outcomes rather than sticking to just one. With proper attention to the match, it's entirely possible to yield good profits.


Any form of handicap betting opens up opportunities for placing higher odds. Well-placed handicap bets could offer odds as high as 4.00 or 5.00, potentially leading to substantial profits.

If you seek lower odds, you might need to place bets three or four times to achieve that profit margin.

Typically, even highly rated teams have a chance of winning away matches. Especially with a handicap of 1 or higher, teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Juventus shouldn't have much trouble scoring goals to overcome the handicap.


Following advice from experts, focus on matches with significant imbalances, where one team is notably stronger than the other. This setup increases the strong team's chances of securing a substantial win, thus aiding in profit accumulation from handicap betting guidance.

Combine your bets with other types, such as dominant team win, first team to score, or first goal scorer, all favoring the stronger team playing throughout the 90 minutes.

Analyze and study the various odds offered by bookmakers. Compare whether 3-way handicap betting is more advantageous or if regular Asian handicap odds yield higher winning rates.

Consider betting on both sides of certain matches to minimize risks. Predict specific odds to reduce potential losses.

Above all, be vigilant and cautious when engaging in 3-way handicap betting. Prepare contingency plans in case the bet doesn't unfold as anticipated during the match.


These are the fundamental aspects of 3-way handicap betting for players. Hopefully, this knowledge soccer tips app will provide a clearer understanding of this type of bet. Best of luck to all participants!


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