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Death Becomes Her 1992 Download

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Death Becomes Her 1992 Download

a fun movie but i wouldn't call it one of the best out there. this movie was basically set up as a way to see meryl streep in a serious role. she did a good job playing the mentally scarred woman who is also an action movie star. it's also a good primer for spike lee's get on up, another serious story told by a black woman.

whilst most of the special effects in this category are impressively realised, in the case of death becomes her a much subtler element plays into the creativity that went into the cgi. whilst most of the effects in the film are rather adventurous, one single gesture is a perfect example of how the design of visual imagery can work to serve the narrative. while filming the scene where dr jones gives streep a rose, the shot moves in and out of focus to show the confusion as to whether or not she is asleep.

the food processing that goes into turning plants and animals into food is something that remains a significant aspect of life. it is also a phenomenon that is governed by rules and taken seriously by a wide range of people. in many ways the food industry is also something that people are aware of and have a strong sense of identity with. there is often a sense of intimacy when eating food. in death becomes her, there is also a sense of a profession. the cameraman appears to move through the kitchen in a way that suggests an awareness of the different process of cooking that is at work. strangely, the scene is filmed within a cauldron. this seems a metaphor for the experimental nature of the filmmakers. although this is a metaphor, it resonates with the kitchen in terms of the rules of the process. there is a sense of order and control in the kitchen, and, therefore, the scene appears rather ritualistic in nature. 3d9ccd7d82


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