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The Eternal Promise of CoupleSets Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings: Meanings and Styles

The engagement ring: Understanding its meaning, styles and material.

The tradition of engagement rings is long and rich. They signify vow to be married and the commitment. What is the reason for a ring, you might ask? The circular shape of the ring that has no distinct starting or ending is widely associated with the eternal love and devotion. Ring fingers were believed to be a direct connection to the heart. It was placed to the left. The Middle Ages women would be presented with a ring to vow to be married by their potential suitors. It was thought to be unsuitable to wear such a piece of jewelry to decorate.

What's the reason to give an engagement ring to your spouse? The engagement ring symbolizes of a wedding to come and in a more traditional sense, it's presented by the man to his spouse.

What's the significance of an engagement rings?

The engagement ring is an event date for the wedding vows. It is essential to select the ring that reflects the persona and taste of the bride. If a bride would prefer to have a simple wedding and simple, she won't be looking for a ring with extravagant bling, but instead an elegant and refined piece. Etiquette requires that the ring be given a year prior to the wedding date, even though there's no set rule.

The Materials and Designs of Engagement Rings

In 1938 the De Beers family who were the leaders in the diamond industry began a major advertising campaign. The campaign was supported by Hollywood actors and singers. Frances Gerety, a copywriter in 1948 was the one who coined "A diamond is forever" as the slogan of the day. This helped in establishing this tradition throughout the world.

Make sure you are in love with your partner with the Eternal Ring made of 9k rose-gold and a sparkling diamond. The curved exterior of the ring symbolizes the pure, long-lasting love. The rose gold color is getting more and more a symbol of the love of your life. This isn't just for young women. The rose gold color is more refined and unique than white or yellow gold. It provides a hint of romance and elegance to jewelry. Certain people prefer natural stones such as amethyst or quartz over diamonds. The stunning purple hue of amethyst symbolizes the purity of the spirit. Quartz symbolizes vitality and energy. Prasiolite is an intriguing green stone that is enchanting and mysterious. These stones are more suitable for a jewelry because of their significance. You could also pick the 9-carat gold solitaire, that has a square stone that has a cushion cut as well as "mosaic faceting" for those who loves the natural beauty of stones.

Where Do we put on engagement rings traditional?

It is crucial to know the proper place to wear an engagement ring due to its value. Etiquette in this regard follows an old tradition linking the location of the engagement ring to wedding bands. The custom dictates that the engagement ring be placed on the left finger for the duration of the wedding ceremony, then it is moved onto the right hand's ring finger just prior to the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring should always be placed in the hand of the ring, regardless whether it's on left or right hand. In the past, it was believed that the ring's finger was connected to the heart via the "Vena Amoris" which is also known as "Vein of Love". Following the wedding, it is customary to put rings on the same left hand finger.

Now you know the significance of the meaning behind the engagement rings. The only thing left to choose is the ideal piece for your beloved from the Bronzallure store. It will forever mark your affection. The Eternelle collection consists of semi-precious stones that carry an enduring symbolic significance. They include amethysts topazes, quartzes, and prasiolites. You can be assured that the ring you choose is flawless by its unique and original design. The ring will last for an entire lifetime and leave a lasting impression.


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