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In these very difficult and confusing times for children it is vital that we as adults provide structure and discipline in a safe way to normalise as best we can each week.   

I am sure you will agree exercise and having an outlet is one of the best things kids can have access to.  Lockdowns & restrictions WILL come to an end & children inevitably will be seeking a place to put their energy and meet up with friends.  Due to running adult boot camps sucessfully in many locations, people are constantly asking me " Do you do anyting like this for children?"  The answer for some time has been "soon".....  Therefore from Janurary 2020 in collaboration with Leighton Buzzard Football and Ruby Club, childrens outdoor training WILL be available to all members of the community as well as Rugby Club members.   Dates to follow..


In the mean time "Zoom Camp" in now live to book  for all children Under 11, and  will remain totally free of charge for a maximum of 15 particlpants EVERY Saturday at 4.30pm.



Reserve your child's place today to ensure they have the benefit of great physical training from a Qualifed & Reputable Coach

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” – Michael Phelps 

Wheat Field

"Having coached with Andy myself I knew that my kids would love his personality and energy, I am so pleased FINALLY I can book them in! " 

Martin Turbin - Nov 2020



What is the first thing your kids do when they come home from school? Do they grab a snack and head for the TV or computer?

Eating too much and not being active can make kids too heavy. In the last 20 years, the rate of overweight kids has doubled. About 15% of kids ages 6-19 weigh too much. That means that nearly one out of every five kids is too heavy.

Young people who are too heavy have a greater risk of Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol.

FFLS Kidzcamp is a fun way to help a childs physical development as well as provide a positive environment for healthy mental and emotition growth - After all, its not easy growing up! 

Kids with Capes


Being around the positive influences of a coach or an older teammate – who can provide an example of determination & hard work shows younger kids that it’s possible to rise to any challenge.  “Kids have to make difficult decisions every day,” says Dr. Lee Kaplan, a sports medicine expert and director of the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute. “Seeing examples from older individuals of the positive things that happen if you make the right choices in life puts things in perspective.”

Happy Children

FUN FUN FUN!!  Physical activity is good for children in many of the same ways that it is good for adults. Exercise improves blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sleep, mood and confidence. In addition, kids doing exercise while young helps them meet their developmental milestones.  

Kids Running


Each class will have a warm up and cool down which may be a combination of stretches or balancing excercises.  The main body of work will be some cardio (generaly on the spot- due to it being on zoom) and body weight excercies.

If you are supervising your child or you are in close proximity and you become aware of signs of over exertion please support them in finding a pace that is right for their own abilities.  As with any new activity it is important to work within your own limitations and we encourage parents and/or guardians to take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of any children under their supervision whilst undertaking physical exercise.


Ensure there is a clear space to work out and trip hazards are removed.  

Additionally a cold drink and a towel is advised.


Feel free to ask any questions via the contact page 


Time: Every Saturday 4-30pm until approx. 5pm ( please ensure you are logged in just prior to 4.30pm as the class will commence at this time)


Andy Little

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  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

  • American college of Sport Medicine Fitness & Nutrition Coach

  • Master Trainer certified by EIF

  • Life coach

  • REPs Registered Exercise Professional

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