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To help me understand your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, we will first have a consultation. During this time, I will ask you questions to establish your current fitness level and what you want to achieve to enable me to recommend the right plan for you. This could be one of the pre-made packages that you can access through our app or perhaps you may want something specifically tailored around you.  Either way we can decide the best options for you.


Once we have completed your 121 consultation you will be sent the options that are best suited to your circumstances and time constraints, in addition we will consider your budget.  121 training will be bespoke to you.  You will be training at my own private gym, or in your own home, it may also be remote training via zoom (it can be virtually with you) or outdoor training.  For some of my clients it is a combination of all the above.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, change habits, or you have other complex requirements due to illness such as diabetes or thyroid function.  It is imperative that you have your nutrition on track for improvement and results.  I have a proven track records with clients to simplify what is needed, you will be very surprised at the delicious foods you can eat once you have the knowledge, the shopping lists and the delicious recipes.



Many of my clients choose "online coaching" to achieve their goals.  Unlike so many offerings, the app training you will receive will  be tailor made to your needs / availability and access to equipment.  One of my clients travels internationally almost constantly &  only has the use of his hotel floor, yet via the app he has been able to lose weight & gain muscle to  such a degree he is now entering intermediate competitions.  Do not underestimate the power of the app if you do not have the time for a personal coach



Some of my bespoke workouts have spread trainer to trainer & gym to gym. I have 100's of portfolios all of which include addictive workouts that will carry your own brand.   So many PT's desperately want to deliver the right routines but need the knowledge or just need the confidence in delivering routines. My routines will ensure you develop a loyal following of regular clients with exciting workout routines that you can mix & match.



So many clients I work with have home gyms, or set ups within spare rooms or outdoor spaces.  However they desire more knowledge and ideas to go and make something of it, for you.. I have zoom 121 workouts, where I will work out with you, and push you.  Together we we will make hard hitting routines using your equipment to the fullest. 

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