"BE MORE" has been a mantra of mine for a very long time, in fact from the early days of training as a Master Trainer at EIF (Thank you Darren T) little did I know how much "BE MORE" would means so much to my 1 on 1 clients , bootcampers , friends & even family!   The uptake  on the "BE MORE" challenge has been amazing, as such FFLS decided it HAS to be a "THING." A place where people grow, they turn a "cant" into a "can" and if they REALLY "can't" and they want to.. I will  support them to the next level by breaking down the task into manageable daily goals or tasks.

My goal is to offer productive and progressive challenges to the group & celebrate the successes in a community of people who want to "BE MORE"  Of course there will be incentives & rewards along the way.  Nothing matters more however than your own personal progression and your own goals.  This is where "BE MORE" can and will make the difference if you continue to commit.