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is not a training programme;

it is a mindset, its about creating my clients

a machine they can rely on

Spartan_Race_logo (1).png
Spartan_Race_logo (1).png

Anyone who knows me.. knows "AROOO AROOO AROOO!  This is Sparta!..." Anyone who knows of Obstacle Course Races (OCR) has heard of SPARTAN RACES.  The virtues and ethos encouraged by Team Spartan resonate with me and are mirrored in the lifestyle that I encourage.

With this in mind, Faster Fitter Leaner Stronger are proud to be taking those with an inner Warrior to the point of health and fitness that will mean they are SPARTAN fit and we will even pay for your first race!!!!

To find out how to go from 'ZERO to SPARTAN' read below..

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What we do:

Spartan Training is for those who want to find for the first time the kind of physical strength, mobility, grip, power & endurance that will get them to the race line whatever the distance, its also for those who have a base line level of fitness that is ready for more...

Andy came into my garage for a service, I overheard him talking to a member of staff about training... As they say.. the rest is history.  Thanks to Andys help,  I am m 2 stone lighter, and I have 2 Spartan races booked! 



"I began training with Andy almost 2 years ago in October 2017... To say the training has exceeded my expectations would be an almighty understatement....



What you get:

Personalised training plan complete with customised programmes based on your equipment, time constraints & ability. You will have 121 contact to support your motivation & keep you on target.

Some free advice: 

Add a sprint protocol to your training, it's truly amazing how many runners never run as fast as they can, while distance runners seldom sprint in competition, including a little sprinting makes you a better distance runner nevertheless.  Increasing your stride and running economy is more fun and more rewarding than you can imagine.  A little bit of sprinting goes a long way.  Just a handful of all-out efforts lasting 8-10 seconds a piece will make a difference you can feel.  And did i mention its fun! Even on the basic programme below you will obtain a great sprint protocol that will get you measurable results.  Some clients are achieving PB's by week 2!
runners on track.jpg
I never knew how important slow runs were! - Jamine 03.03.2020


This is the course for you if you rarely work out in a gym and you can't comfortably run 2k


This is the course if you can run 5k or you work out 1-2 times per week & you are seeking progression


This is for regular runners &  for those who work out that are seeking new distances or levels


You are running regular races or attending OCR events and you want to fulfil your potential or find your upper limits

* FFLS Ltd - Would like to point out that we are not endorsed by Spartan races other than to share their ethos and build engines to take part in competitive OCR races.

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