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When it comes to changing habits, all of us need that ‘spark’.  That moment of “enough now, I want better for myself”.

Andy is familiar with this process;

“When it comes to change, we all resist it until that ‘aha!’ moment” he says ”whether that is being out of breath climbing the stairs, one belt hole too many or maybe not achieving what we hoped we would or feel we could physically – be that in a class that we attend weekly with no perceivable change in our fitness or body shape, or just a feeling of lethargy.”

“Whenever that moment comes and however it comes, it is essential to capitalise on it and take that ‘spark’ and turn it into a fire!”

That’s what Andy does.  Consistently. 

“When the moment is right – and that depends on the state of mind of each of us as individuals – we will set the next part of your journey together”.

So, whatever your goals, or just to have a conversation to see if you ARE ready, fill out the form below and Andy will be in touch within 24 hours for a no obligation conversation about YOU and YOUR spark. 


And as a thank you for your interest we will post you a copy of ‘The Little book of Training Recipes’ – a great little recipe book with easy to follow recipes of great tasting food to start you on your journey to a healthier, fitter you.


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