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Program is over


Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


You have each week of April to complete a "BE MORE" challenge. All results MUST be submitted via "BE MORE" Facebook page! The challenge starts on 1st of April and ENDS on April 30th. YOU MUST COMPLETE a min of 1 challenge by the end of the month. In return you will receive a certificate that you can share online or print and hang with pride! as well as a medal badge in your app! If you do all 3 challenges the SPRINT SUPER AND THE BEAST, you will get a TRIFECTA certificate and a COMMEMORATIVE FFLS TOP. YOU CAN DO ANY CHALLENGE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT AS LONG AS YOU UPDATE THE FACEBOOK "BE MORE" GROUP EACH TIME YOU COMPLETE A CHALLNGE. Once you have completed your Challenge simply upload a photo or two as confirmation evidence from your sports tracking device and/or photos of you completing the Challenge. WHAT YOU GET: All participants will get a completion certificate You will receive a medal badge in your app – First one of the year! And for those brave enough to do a SPRINT SUPER and a BEAST you will get an amazing commemorative FFLS top! The challenges and the guide is all in the BE MORE facebook page...

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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