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Why 121?......
121 coaching is the most effective way of getting progressive results.  No one yet has been able to substitute a "mass" programme of diet and fitness and achieved high results for their client.....Why? Everyone has different needs, different constraints, different starting points  and different circumstances.  To get real results you need your trainer needs to be truly engaged with you, anyone that knows me, will testify you can get top level results with minimal equipment.  One of the most amazing bodies I have built was of an International Executive who had lots of hours and only a hotel floor!  I see so many people spend money on various classes culminating  to £100's of pounds monthly,  only to be disillusioned or disheartened by the results within weeks. 
Sometimes it is not the workout the needs changing its the habits, or the accountability, this cannot be achieved without the investment of a personal trainer &  nutrition advisor   




Why Hybrid?.........
Hybrid Training was never part of my plan, however at some of my clients request, they requested a months training or bi-weekly training with a follow up 121 session.  During these sessions I will do a number of things from a fat % check via skulpt - which you get to take away with you, to a check on your exercise form or just dealing with general aches and pains which sometimes can occasionally mean tweaks are made to your online App based training.  Also in a 121 catch up it gives us a chance to discuss habits,  diets,  and so often a conversation about life and how things are  helping or hindering training.  This catch up I consider a safety net..... A safe space that's outcome prevents my clients from falling away from  good training, habits and nutrition.  Its a place where you can be you, & address how you feel and your results.  Some of my clients prefer to use the App but get an "End Assessment" of each part of their progression.   For people who are already disciplined and hold some good knowledge this training is generally right up your street! 




Why App Based?........
A growing number of clients prefer app based training.  There are a large number of On-line Apps however the majority are generic, with generic workouts,  generic motivational messages & unchecked adherence.  Time and time again these programmes fail to go the distance, because you are just a number.  To me you are a client and that is why my videos, programmes, habit tracking and motivational messages and calls will always be about YOU and YOUR journey.  Your programmes are build around YOUR abilities and YOUR goals.  This is the most flexible and affordable way to have my training expertise at your disposal.  Some clients also occasionally meet me for and "in person" catch up which can be hugely beneficial or in this day and age of Covid 19 you can also benefit from a "Zoom" catch up or even a "workout session" to complement your progress on the virtual app.   Either way  


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