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Bootcamps are held in Leighton Buzzard every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 18.15pm and every Sunday morning in Basildon, Essex at 9.30am every Sunday.  Your recipient can choose the date and location that suits them best.

Bootcamps are for individuals at all levels from beginner to competitive athletes.  The workouts are scaled according to the persons abilities and there is an array of equipment to suit all individuals so it's a great place to start any fitness journey, participants are 18-70+! 


This is such a successful solution for individuals who want and need a good all round education about food & habits, as well as the motivation and structure to build good new healthy habits. The vast majority of people who have chosen this option not only claim to feel the more confident but have also achieved the best results. The package is personal to the individual and very target orientated, it's recommended for those who feel they don't know where to start or do not feel they are at the stage to participate with others. Nutrition consultations can take place via a video call or in person a comfortable setting at the studio location. 


Andy offers this service for anyone who feels like they struggle with food either the comprehension or the consumption, they perhaps don't know when to eat or what to eat based on their goals or body types.  It also helps those people that have previously failed with diets or to assist those individuals who struggle to gain muscle mass or lose/gain weight. In this session we deal with the truth of the issues in a comfortable setting and we always come out with a plan and a smile! This can be conducted via a video call or in at the studio.


This offering is for those of you who are unsure of the avenue to choose, it gives the recipient a flavour of all that is on offer, taking into account any limitations, needs or confidence issues.  Andy has an exceptional level of experience in the fitness arena he also has 20 years of people skills  and life coaching experience, as a result he is able to get individuals on course no matter what has held them back previously! Andy is a dedicated practitioner of health and fitness who is able to get individuals motivated regardless of their starting point.  


Andy's motivation and indeed the FFLS team are all about achieving positive outcomes for clients, you will see very little self promotion as the client results are what matter.  Andy focuses on enabling people to find their way and encourages good living, balance and FUN.  All of his clients have a unique story about their journey. Credit to you for giving your loved one a chance to tell their story by reaching their potential.  


Once the voucher is purchased you will receive an e mail and asked for information such as your name and the recipients name and basic details.  Upon confirmation you will receive a voucher within 72 hours which you can forward to your recipient.

Andy Little is a certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach, qualified with the American Institute of Fitness and the European Institute of Fitness.  He is fully insured by so you can have the confidence that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

If you have further questions please email: and we will do everything to help.

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